Dark Knight Rises iOS review

Considering that the last Batman-inspired movie game was Batman Begins, (and it was pretty god-awful), I wasn’t expecting much from the Dark Knight Rises on iOS. Not much at all. But, I decided that I’d give it a shot anyway, and at first, I wasn’t disappointed. The combat is original, the visuals are stunning for an iPhone game, and it created a believable Nolan-Verse game. But that’s the problem. If you haven’t watched the Dark Knight Rises,or any Batman film at all, well you’re not gonna get it. The problem is that the story plays like an alternate version of the movie that cuts out everything that makes sense. So half the time you’re trying to figure out why you’re doing a mission that didn’t tie in to the previous one, and half the time it’s really confusing. Probably the one thing that actually makes it notable is that it’s the first Batman game to really let you use a vehicle in an open world (excluding the LEGO games) that really captures the feel of being Batman. I feel like I’m actually re-enacting the Dark Knight, and it feels awesome. But again, the one major downside of the game, is it’s repetitiveness. There’s no real combat upgrades and I’m left to just keep countering and punching, countering and punching over and over. The stealthy sections of the game are a lot better, with silent takedowns and sneaking. I really do’t have anything to say about the side mission, except that they’re horrible. Again, they’re the same thing and they don’t actually give you a fun break from the main story, like most side missions should. Overall, if you’re looking for something to do on one of those long road trips or you’re waiting for an appointment, then it’s great. But break it down enough, and it’s just another movie game that didn’t have quite enough to really catch my eye for long. I’m giving it a 6.5/10


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