Best Assassin’s Creed soundtrack?

This is really to stall time for the review but whatever 😛 

Assassin’s Creed 1: Ok, come on! This was pretty awful, it’s really not even worth mentioning! True, there were a couple good segments, but it didn’t really immerse me at all. I was actually pretty annoyed with it most of the time! 

Assassin’s Creed 2: HUGE makeover! The soundtrack is beautifully composed, and I felt like I was in Rennasaice Italy! It’s so much fun to climb up to Venice right at the break of dawn and listen to the track “Dreams of Venice,” and I was really surprised at the difference! 

ACB: Considering that the game was made in one year… wow. What probably really made the soundtrack shine was that I felt at home, and instead of the soundtrack just throwing in general Italian Music, I could really hear the Roman influences, and running around the ruins at sunset….wow. 

ACR: So far, this is probably my favorite! One of my pet peeves with videogame franchises is that if they turn to a new setting, they can never capture the feel of the new location. Revelation’s soundtrack was able to make it feel like a fitting conclusion for Ezio, and compelled me to run around on ziplines for (hours). 

AC3: Just a step down from Revelations. Maybe it’s because I live in America and I’ve heard colonial music a ton, but this lacked the touch of the last three games, and I felt Jesper Kyd wasted an oppurtunity to make a really cool theme for the Frontier. But I will say this: climbing up to a viewpoint at the beginning of a new day and hearing that music is one of the highlights of my day. (And resulted in a bunch of injuries when I attempted to try the same thing).


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