Halo 4: First Impressions (NOT a review)

I took a break from AC3 and spent a couple minutes to play Halo 4’s multiplayer and forge. These are my first thoughts, not my overall opinion. 

Multiplayer: It might look a little different at the core, but Halo 4’s multiplayer is very comfortable. The Flood mode is super cool, and the Slayer matches are the same. When it comes to maps, I still prefer Halo:Reach, but this is still really cool! 

Forge: Not good, not bad. I miss the giant playground that was Forge World, and I can’t spend a lot of space creating say, a giant puzzle map. One of the pros on the other hand with Forge is that Forge World was more like a giant valley, and these three maps, though smaller, are a LOT more diverse and present new opportunities to create some pretty neat stuff. I’ll be posting a full review in the near future…Once I finish liberating South Boston.


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