AC4 and more (crappy rhymes)

Ok, first of all, yup, I’ve been away a while, so hopefully I can cover more. Second, this is going to be my final post about Assassin’s creed at least for a while, so I’m going to say everything in one long post so everything that needs to be said is done so let’s start :With the Black Flag announcement trailer and all the rumors circling it, a lot of people forgot about the tyranny of King Washington DLC for AC3. Personally? I think it’s better than the actual game. For once, I can actually care about the protagonist, and see an actual goal for revenge. Granted, it’s still no GOTY material, but it takes a fresh look on new ideas, something this series needed. Badly. So back to what people care about, AC4. Now, since some might say the start of the yearly releases, Assassin’s Creed has been in a decline of sorts. The first Assassin’s Creed was great, don’t get me wrong, though a little repetitive. AC2 is one of my favorites, casting players into a beautiful Italian setting, and a great protagonist. ACB was the first spin-off title, and in essence, was probably the best. Just walking around Rome with that amazing soundtrack in the background was so much fun, why would you want to do any quests? Now let me stop here for a quick moment. What made 2 and Brotherhood great? Guess. In case you guessed not playing it safe, you were correct. The reason those games were so successful was because they had a setting that was very real, meaning there was no happy-go-lucky  kids game, they were dirty, violent and occasionally pretty dark. But that’s what made them fun. The horror of an international conspiracy with a sci-fi twist mixed with romance, lost treasures and occasionally even a modern segment made it so popular. But then came Revelations. And don’t get me wrong contrary to most, I enjoyed it. I didn’t think it wrapped up Ezio’s trilogy in the right way, but they did have a short movie for that, and the franchise could’ve been worse off right? Come AC3, it was, The problem with these past two titles (not as much Revelations) was that they didn’t take things as dark as they should have. The protagonist wasn’t likable, the Frontier didn’t quite fit, and the story was extremely choppy, save the infamous twelve hour tutorial. It boils down to so much hard work going into gameplay, that everything else was pretty bad. And what happened to the epic soundtrack? There could’ve been some really cool music while walking through the city streets or the forests! Now, at the same time it wasn’t bad, despite me just brutalizing the game a couple seconds ago. Some things were neat, the killcams, the Homestead, the Frontiersman missions hunting Loch Ness Monsters and Headless Horsemen, and especially the secret locations that stuff was great! But after that, it lost it’s appeal. Now I’ve heard from other sources who though they haven’t played the other games claim that 3 is still the best. And in terms of gameplay, I agree. But gameplay goes only so far. It’s like eating Air Heads. You buy a whole bag, and you’re like, “Whoah, these things have bursts of great flavor, I could eat these all day!” Then ten minutes later, you’re lying on the ground like, “Whoah, that burst of flavor came back up my mouth and tasted terrible!” My point is, there’s only so much good gameplay, but if the gameplay isn’t done right or you it’s misused, then it’s not really fun. Think about what Mortal Kombat would’ve been like without you fighting anyone. Yeah cool moves, but you’re not fighting anyone so they’re useless. But, I digress. Long story short, Black Flag shows promise, but I remain skeptical. For one, why take out co-p/ Yeah, I’m in the minority, but picture it: Exploring the Florida Keys, scouring Cuba for treasure, and combing the Caribbean for hidden Mayan ruins with a buddy. Better yet, four!  One person’s the captain of a ship, the other two are explorers who scout out where the captain lands, and the other person is just the leader! Still getting off point, but one more time, co-op should not have been taken out. Anyway, back to matters at hand, the other reason is the setting. Great idea, but how well does it truly work? I’m already sensing a pattern here: first game not bad, but a little disappointing, second game fantastic GOTY nominee, next-year rushed spinoff still great possibly better, then one that everyone hates save a few, Repeat. If they really go through with what they call the “Kenway Saga” I already see two spin-off titles in the midst, and look, honestly, that’s actually better, It’ll be nice to see a pattern. So if my predicted pattern goes through, great, we’ll have a fantastic game. So look, I’m a little on edge with the whole pirate trained by assassin’s but I’m willing to be optimistic. But again, in essence why I have actual hopes for this game? The protagonist and the world. The protagonist is a ladies man, cocky, bold, defiant, and a born leader. The setting is going away from a Disney theme, showing how pirates really were, sex-crazed, lawless, brutal people, and that’s what made ACB good. The balance between realism and sci-fi without focusing too much on one or the other. 

Wow, that was long disorganized, and pretty awful, but now you can see my final opinion on these games, which is this: they can make it right, they just need balance.


One thought on “AC4 and more (crappy rhymes)

  1. I learned a lot from this post.Thanks. Super informative.
    Also, thanks for that laugh-out-loud funny line about Airhead’s burst of flavor. I’ll never look at them the same way again.

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