Looking Back: L.A. Noire

L.A. Noire is considered to this day one of the greatest games ever. But then again, that’s the case with most of Rockstar’s games. The soundtrack, the feel, and how everything plays out goes together like peanut butter and jelly (if people still eat that). A lot of people say it’s a great game, but for a lot of different reasons. Some enjoyed trying to get the truth out of a suspect, because by failing to get the suspect’s full confession, your case would take longer, become harder and lead you to multiple dead ends, affecting your overall performance. Others it was the feel of the game, specifically the accuracy of a post WWII Los Angeles, and how rather then depicting it as the happy and bright time that people always make it look like, it is instead much darker, and better for that. There’s even some who enjoyed just walking around the world basking in the nostalgic feeling given off by the game. In this author’s opinion, I enjoyed everything. What concerns me though, is the rumored sequel. Well, not as much the idea of a sequel but the setting. The rumor is that the game will be set in a pre-WWII Shanghai, China, c. 1936.  Though I think there could be (much) better settings for a sequel if one was to occur, I trust Rockstar to make the right call with a sequel. They did do good with GTA, right?


2 thoughts on “Looking Back: L.A. Noire

  1. Agree with you about the setting. Pre-WWII Shanghai is no comparision to post -WWII LA, which your post made me long to see.
    But you’ve convinced me to keep an open mind about the sequel. Thanks.

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