Xbox One: Yay or Nay?

Well, it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted but since my school’s out now (pretty early albeit) Why not start off with some talk of the town? Now most of you know, this blog is not for anything hardcore gaming, as two things I love in this world are casual gaming and sports. So, I’m almost normal, but I’ve got a bigger knowledge of casual gaming than most. Anyway, so the only things I’ll be giving my opinion on are basically xbox-related, but maybe I’ll mention some other stuff too. So, with the recent news about the xbox one reveal, I had a couple friends give their opinions and see what they liked. After we go over these, I’ll give my overall opinion. First off my buddy at ZackDaNerd (If you haven’t checked him out, at least look at one of his reviews, they will definitely give you a good idea of whether you want to really get a game or not, you’ll want to subscribe after watching one) said that the DVR was pretty cool, and I’m inclined to agree on some levels. It is cool, I agree, but my only concern is that it will take away from, try and follow me on this, the rest of the xbox, like maybe take  up space that could be used to help with games. But again, I’m interested, so I’m not going to tear that one down yet. My best friend Dwight (who I might mention does a terrible job of co-running this blog with me) thinks a good feature is a better kinect and (hopefully) better graphics. My one problem? No one really uses the kinect. For me it’s only sole purpose is to act as a glorified microphone, but he hit on something very important (though possibly indirectly) as well: Could they make the Kinect useful? The reason it was sort of a flop was because its slogan was very misleading: “You are the controller.” If that was really true, then the only thing I want it to control is opening and shutting my disc tray, but maybe Microsoft is making it mandatory to purchase the Kinect and Xbox One because they really see potential with it that maybe they haven’t revealed. Until we really see some truly fun Kinect games that can really make it fun to be the controller, (something like Mirror’s Edge or Assassin’s Creed?) it’s still practically useless. The other thing he mentioned was hopefully better graphics, which I agree with. Take Watch Dogs, which after Assassin’s Creed 4 (Yes, I’m still a sucker for these penny pinchers) is my number one game to get for next-gen. The graphics for this game are truly remarkable. The raindrops rolling down your trench coat, the details put into little things like peoples faces and movements, make it truly gorgeous. Though there is a lot more to this game than just graphics, I really believe this will be a game remembered as something truly historic, and the first game to truly show next-gen capabilities. I mean face it, we all wanted next gen and now we’re all complaining that everything just looks slightly better. That’s clearly false, because just look at Bioshock Infinite on a console, it was pretty rudimentary compared to the power of any PC that can run on High or Ultra settings! A good buddy of mine Michael thought the face identification was an amazing aspect too. Personally, I think it’s an unnecessary addition, because it just makes the console feel more like a crappy smartphone, and if two people are sharing the account it’ll obviously be more of an annoyance than a boon, but again, I’m still hopeful, and it does look impressive. Finally, my friend Charlie said that the operating power and Skype were pretty cool as well. I for one completely agree with the operating power, especially with the 500 gb hard drive which will definitely hold us until…next-next gen i guess? Better operating power means better games, bigger worlds, and larger immersion, and isn’t the latter the reason we play videogames? To relax, and be someone way cooler than us! (Unless it’s the main character in Fallout 3, which, shoot me, is one of the worst games ever made, it’s just an Elder Scrolls game with responsibilities…that and I have a strong hatred of games that make me take care of myself.) Overall, my opinion on the xbox one? I’m… very mediocre. Will I get it? Yes, the xbox 360 is far outdated, and we need new technology. But couldn’t it be better? I don’t doubt things like EA’s new engine and the power of the new xbox, but I know they could be better. EA has no actual competition because they always hog the licensed games, and then do a terrible job because people will buy them anyway, and there’s nothing better on the market to counter them, and the new xbox has ruined what the purpose of the console was for: video games! Notice that in the presentation announcing Microsoft’s new console, there is very little to do with actual videogames, and don’t get me wrong, these features look great, but I’d rather have better technology to make games great rather than some extra technology that doesn’t really add to the actual experience. But as I’ve said before, I’m willing to wait and see if Microsoft can truly create something unique. Again, make sure to like comment, and most of all follow the blog for future updates on all things I think are cool (Didn’t see that one coming did you?).


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