Sleeping Dogs and Why I Give it A “Feel Award.”

Yes, E3 was just here. Yes, everyone’s all Mirror’s Edge 2 and Battlefront 3 both of which I need to really see in action to believe, but I just wanted to get into something everyone forgot about: Sleeping Dogs. One of my favorite games ever made and YES better than GTAIV, it really took a location that not many will ever get to visit (Hong Kong) combined it with some great combat (from the Arkham games) and had a rich feel that very few games save for Arkham City and Skyrim could really give me, which gave a feeling of awe and a need to explore.Image 

Its what I call “The Feel.” Yes it sounds horribly wrong but that’s my nickname for it! The Feel is what you get when you play a game so great that you constantly need to return when you know you’re playing a great game and you could come back to it over and over again for at least one year. There’s more requirements, but I’ll explain those later. Two examples of games that have “The Feel” are listed below. NOTE: These are not in an actual order, and the list goes up to 10. If someone wants to complain, I’ll organize them into a real list.

1. Skyrim. Though it was a mythical land (with a fair share of bugs), it felt fun to explore not because it was unique, but because it was addictive; you could almost call it a singleplayer WOW (World of Warcraft, for those of you who spent THAT long working on some new Minecraft pop culture icon recreation). I loved running around in the tundra or the forests looking for a new hidden cave to explore, maybe finding a new weapon or a zombie attempting to break free of his prison.  The video above shows what I’m talking about. It had a beautiful open world that was both simple and complex, and has something for everyone. Want to be a man who never stays in one spot and really only uses a house for storage, travelling near and far to explore the unknown? Check. Want to save the universe? Yup, check. Want to be a farmer with a small family and live in a quiet town or in the open countryside? Why would-you have servants for that! But yes, check. No matter what your gaming preference, you could almost always find something to enjoy in Skyrim. 

2. Batman: Arkham City. This is a game that is very puzzling. It doesn’t have a focus of being for everyone and letting you adapt to your playstyle like Skyrim, but instead it let you do something better. Play as Batman. And that’s the real genius behind Rocksteady’s soon-to-be classic game. If anything its more like a refined version of Skyrim! Combat is fast and fluid but never unfair, you can almost always play the way you want, and its one of the few games that gave you a worthwhile reward for finding more collectibles, and/or Riddler Trophies, which after collecting a certain amount, allowed the player to take on a mission rescuing a hostage-but it was with a twist each time. It could involve playing a Saw-inspired obstacle course, or maybe it would involve playing a game show that though short required a little bit of wits to figure out. An example of the Riddler fun here: In essence, this game could be fun for anyone who played it, but in a different way: You felt like Batman. Because of that, no matter what kind of player you were, it was fun, because Rocksteady did what few superhero games could: make you feel like a superhero.


2 thoughts on “Sleeping Dogs and Why I Give it A “Feel Award.”

  1. Totally understand what you mean by “The Feel.” Thanks for capturing that elusive aspect. Really appreciate these reviews, they’re great. Good embedded material too.

  2. Man, I never realized it, but “The Feel” is exactly what draws us back to certain stories and games. Agree with you especially about Skyrim and Arkham City — deep atmosphere in both. Thanks for the insight, dude.

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