Rust: First Impressions

This is a game few know about, fewer still pay enough attention too, and even fewer who are willing to try the game known as Rust. However, take enough time to get past what might be a bad first impression, and the promise of it alone is daunting. 

For the record the game is only in it’s Alpha stage, so I cannot attempt a full review yet. But the game is so compelling now that the developers could stop right here and the game would still provide entertainment! 

So what is Rust exactly? In terms of practicality, the best way to put it is probably a more mature version of Minecraft. Upon entering a server, you’re completely naked, equipped with only a rock, a torch, and 2 first aid kits. From there, it’s up to you. From alliances with other players and dominate the huge expanse? Or slowly rise to power on your own? What sets this game apart from Minecraft is that Rust encourages you to branch out with other players or kill them to survive. And that is one of the best elements of Rust; within each server, there’s a whole story. I felt like a travel writer, experiencing new and quirky characters in a world the same as the others, yet crafted by the players into something much more unique. Not always in the best way, (one server just made “your mom” jokes non-stop and had built a gigantic tower modeled after male genitalia.) but certainly the most interesting. In one server, one player who must’ve been half-schizophrenic, locked me inside his cabin (For the record, it was idiotic of me to think a naked man holding a giant rock could simply run in and steal everything worth of value), and claimed me as his pet dog. No joke. He fed me chicken and would only let me out of his cabins on “walks” in which I would help him fetch necessary supplies. Yet another server had various unorganized factions trying to defend themselves against a mercenary known only as the Dolemite who would travel with two bodyguards at his side, harvesting blood from corpses and stealing supplies and weapons rather than crafting his own. There was even an “arms race” of sorts to see who could stash more weapons in fear of the one-man army known as the Dolemite (who didn’t even have a permanent home; rather, just had temporary shelters cleverly hidden to help steal supplies. 


Though I’d recommend banding with other players if you want to survive, this game can provide entertainment for nearly anyone, even though it’s only in it’s alpha. Be sure to check it out.


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