Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare: Initial Impressions

Sp we’ve all heard about the whole trailer “leak” for the new Call of Duty trailer. Though we all know it’s not a leak,that’s not quite what I’m here to discuss. My idea is to just give my prediction of how the game is going to be received. Let me put it this way: there’s this show called Sirens which looks absolutely boring. It appears to use the typical lackluster comedy that’s so present in media today: an unfortunate incident here, a couple slacker workers there, and a little dash of cliche material dressed up to look like something it’s not (See example: funny) but one thing the commercials tease us with is absolutely brilliant. One character mentions how he thinks Ben Affleck will do a fantastic job of portraying Batman. This is where I got interested. See, even if this show fails miserably and is forgotten in the next month, they’ve still made a risky bet. And when that movie premieres I’m going to remember whether Sirens accurately predicted the outcome of Ben Affleck’s talent. I’m going to attempt the same with the premiere trailer for Advanced Warfare. It’s true that Call of Duty is not the powerhouse it once was. In my opinion, everything after Modern Warfare 2 just felt like it lacked innovation. It’s not to say that every Call of Duty after is downright awful, because none of them truly are, but they simply lack inspiration. Last year’s installation, COD: Ghosts brought about an entirely new era of Call of Duty, and it seems Advanced Warfare is copying and pasting quite a bit from it’s predecessor.

For instance: Ghosts showed us a near-future world where America is decimated by a form of nuclear disaster, which South America then uses as a stepping stone for an invasion of America. Now Advanced Warfare doesn’t look to be quite as preposterous, but it does show us the same idea: What if, in the future_______. Maybe it’s just a ploy to work with next-gen consoles, but a world where mercenaries are attempting to rise above governments isn’t a very common concept.

But that’s not to say it’s a good one. Originality doesn’t guarantee quality. In terms of marketing, the trailer initially looks fantastic. Kevin Spacey looks fully realized, gameplay appears smooth yet cinematic, and the story seeks to challenge our minds.

Take a closer look however. Though Sledgehammer claims that all the footage was captured on Xbox One, that guarantees little. Developers show us snippets of gameplay that look smooth, but don’t seem to show a large scale. For example, most of the trailer is focused on Kevin Spacey and his narration, with brief snippets of footage from actual missions. But these can also simply be cutscenes. What’s to say the true action isn’t going to drop or lag? Most of Call of Duty’s more impressive stunts are performed in a cinematic style, with the player having very little, if any control over what happens next.

My opinion? Technologically the game looks incredible. Whether the actual game takes a hit because of this remains to be seen. But I’ll hope for the best: maybe Call of Duty can make a turning point…but don’t let your expectations soar. I’ve put a link to the trailer below: be sure to watch it, because I have to admit it looks quite impressive.



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