E3 Reactions: Best Conference?

Now hopefully I’ll be able to go into depth on the games in general over the next couple days but I figure the best way to start this out is with mild applause for Microsoft, feces for EA, congratulations to Ubisoft, and a huge congrats to SONY. I’ll admit, I didn’t even want to watch this one. I figured I’d seen everything I needed too. But then I saw Arkham Knight. GTAV coming to the PS4 and with the ability to transfer your progress from Xbox 360 or PS3. Playstation Now. Tons of new indie games, with one available today!! Exclusive TV  shows that are completely free for Playstation Plus. Dropping into Far Cry 4 co-op, regardless of whether the player has the game or not. And so much more!! Actually, I’m not even sure I might have covered it all, but I was happy the whole way through and I hated that their press conference was over! Sony has made me believe in video games again, not only as a medium that’s open to all walks of life, but a place where all forms of art are welcome. Do yourself a favor and watch it, because despite Sony’s struggles they understand the way to a consumer’s heart, and hopefully they only thrive from here on out. Stay tuned for more if I’m not too lazy! 


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