Predictions for Holiday Season 2014

Ok E3 was kind of a bore this year. I mean let’s face it we certainly expected better, we assumed “Ok, now that we are finally out of the next-gen state of mind we can see some actual games!” And I’m looking at EA specifically when I say that we got nearly the opposite. Truthfully, the only issue I had that stills ticks with em was how this year we got no gameplay whatsoever of the new Mirror’s Edge, but instead got a developer diary and prototype showing instead. Seriously, every time that I finally FINALLY look forward to a game it’s usually nowhere near the level of hype. Now both the consumer and corporation are to blame for this. The consumer builds a train of hype driven by a frothing mad conductor who just happens to jettison anyone in his path. And then the corporation, glad to see a borderline occult following behind it’s game, decides to hop on as well and just bask in the praise. Assassin’s Creed 3 was the beginning, and most recently, Watch Dogs (which is published under UBISOFT as well as the former) is the most recent (I understand some people would choose to count Destiny but since it’s an MMO, I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt that it will grow overtime). That’s not to say there hasn’t been a hidden gem or two…that I found on sale…from like a year or two back… but I mean let’s face it, what else is there? Even, ESPECIALLY when I’ve had doubts about a game, is when I’ve been inevitably pulled in to the hype train. Thus, I’m making a list right here and whether anyone reads it or not matters little. I’m making predictions here and now to what any major AAA game will truly be like (occasionally a popular indie or two as well), and drop links to videos for each that hopefully will coalesce with my points. We’ll see whether or not I’m right at the end of each college term, where I’ll start anew with this list.

10/7/2014 Alien:Isolation: An entertaining horror title that will be engaging, if not a little too short.

10/7/2014 Driveclub: A beautiful racer that might lack in content, but will count in scenery.

10/7/2014 Minecraft PS4: Non-existent or something far worse after Microsoft’s acquisition of the game.

10/7/2014 Project Spark: Even if it’s good (if it doesn’t become quickly boring attempting to play god using what I can only imagine to be a very limited palette), there has been little to no hype surrounding this game recently, and I worry that sales figures will take a hit.

10/14/2014 Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel: I have seen nearly nothing involving this game so my opinion should be weighed very carefully, but I imagine it will be well-received for humor, and some decent, if not technically straining gameplay.

10/14/2014 The Evil Within: Will have some truly terrifying moments, but will become overly repetitive and weighed down by it’s story and soon to be mundane combat/walking/fighting that dude with a metal safe for a head.

10/24/2014 Civilization: Beyond Earth: It’s a civilization game, trust me it’ll be too addicting to notice good or bad.

10/28/2014 Sunset OverDrive: Overhyped. Fun for awhile, but far too little to keep me staying after I’ve seen all the weapons. Plus, the parkour doesn’t look nearly as fun as it did in the trailer.

11/4/2014 COD: Advanced Warfare: Again, like Civilization, most likely it won’t matter what the opinion of the game is, as most will choose to buy it anyway. That being said, aside from Kevin Spacey, I see no reason to believe that this game or it’s multiplayer can save it long-term.

11/11/2014 Assassin’s Creed: Rogue: The opposite of Black Flag (A far more compelling tale about the Assassins) but changes little in terms of weaponry, navigation, and just all the regular staples of the series. I worry that we’ll be too spoiled by Black Flag to find any interest in Rogue.

11/11/2014 Assassin’s Creed: Unity: A game that will be bogged down under it’s own sensationalism, but I still expect to be a good romp, far better then the rest of 2014’s entries. Truly, my greatest worry is the confirmation of microtransactions. That doesn’t mean I’m going to a void it though, I mean seriously just look at this:

11/11/2014 The Crew: A stellar racing game that will revolutionize what an open world truly is. But I worry that it will do little to change the typical racing formula, if anything. Essentially, it could very well be the racing equivalent to Destiny.

11/11/2014 Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham: I think this franchise is just growing too big for it’s britches. Part of the reason I loved the original Lego Batman was because of how it felt like Gotham but still had so many secrets to uncover. And if the whole story mostly revolves around the Green Lanterns, just make a Lego Green Lantern game! It might be a good game, just not a good Batman game.

11/11/2014 Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric If I wasn’t a mega fan of Sonic Unleashed, Colors, and Generations (in that order) there is no way I would have even mentioned this. But, I think that it’s going to be the same as Lost World, in that there is very little of what makes Sonic great (Beautiful world design, fast speed, replayability) and trade it in for kill this enemy, then that one and that, in a straight line. My hopes aren’t high, sadly.

11/18/2014 Far Cry 4: Just because Alex Hutchinson, the king of being able to crush your dreams with any game he’s laid his hands on, is creative director of the project, makes me so skeptical. The gameplay looks to run smoother then Far Cry 3, but if you notice the E3 demo it’s completely rehearsed and organized in a meticulous way. Yes, all E3 demos are meant to be, but how often are you going to be doing everything you just saw in the demo? Especially in that order? Look at the demo and see for yourself. I for one choose to remain skeptical but hopeful.


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