Overwatch was not GOTY

It is worth noting how far the GOTY awards have come: what was an absolute trainwreck in 2013 became a fairly serviceable awards show the very next year. That being said, this year’s show was cause for concern. Bringing back celebrity appearances and performances by popular musicians feels like a step back. These concerts have never contributed to a show that’s about revaealing and rewarding the most recent video games. I don’t think that the awards show was bad by any means- but it’s certainly taking steps in that direction. Obviously that’s not what this article is about- but my point is that sometimes the awards show loses focus of what really matters. And I think that’s what happened with this year’s selection for Game of the Year.

      It’s not to say that Overwatch is a bad game- but in my opinion, it’s not a very good choice for Game of the Year. What does it say when $60 games with detailed story missions and dedicated multiplayer, get passed up by $60 games that just have dedicated multiplayer? The standard this sets is that a single player story doesn’t matter if you have a handful of good multiplayer elements. It sets a standard that says it’s ok to charge full price for a handful of maps and characters that work well together, but aren’t going to 


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