The Best Videogame Trailers: Part 1

At its absolute best, a great trailer will tease enough emotion and action to make you interested, but lets you discover the best parts of the game for yourself. Trailers are nothing more than a visual sales pitch, but the best of them disguise it masterfully. The trailers below are ones that not only look cool but give you the need to play a game you’ve only seen a couple minutes of, so in no specific order let’s start with:

Grand Theft Auto V-The Official Trailer 

Despite the fact that its only one minute, the trailer manages to show off the gorgeous open world of Los Santos, explain the basic story, show off some of the incredible heists you’ll pull later in the game, teases nothing from the game’s finale, and has an excellent soundtrack courtesy of The Chain Gang of 1974. And it’s all done in one minute. It’s a genius trailer that a sequel will have to try hard to top.

Assassin’s Creed Unity-Story Trailer 

It’s worth noting that despite the mixed reception to a lot of their games, Ubisoft’s marketing team deserves points for just how well they can sell a game. Almost nothing is given on the story, plenty of historical moments are shown off, and a plethora of excellent killcams abound. If you can ignore French people speaking in British accents, this trailer is a good reminder of why Assassin’s Creed is still relevant today.

Batman: Arkham Origins Gamescom Trailer 

This is arguably the best Batman game, and its one of the only Batman-related properties that shows as much heart as it does badass boss fights. Its an honest upfront trailer that doesn’t try and be mysterious or gloomy. It’s an action-packed prequel that markets itself exactly like it should. While it doesn’t figuratively pull any punches, there’s quite a few literal ones thrown in the trailer. Thankfully the choreography is in top form, and I can’t stress enough how great it looks. It’s worth seeing for yourself.

Far Cry 3 Step Into Insanity Trailer 

I could make a case for this game being one of my all-time favorites, and pretty much everything in the trailer explains why. Imagine Heart of Darkness on PCP and you’ve got a general idea that only just scratches the surface. Vaas is in full form here as the unstable and angry antagonist, while Jason’s descent into bloodthirsty madness is teased throughout. It’s especially cool how Jason and Vaas’ dialogue run parallel to each other throughout the trailer until that one masterful final confrontation. This is an excellent way to learn about the hero and hate the villain, especially since the graphically violent themes are shown at full force here. It was a great way to build up hype for what could be considered the best first person shooter of all time.

Assassin’s Creed 4 Horizon Trailer 

There’s very little I can say about this gem, other than that it’s the only good trailer for this game. Ubisoft wisely focused on gameplay demos after the mixed reception to Assassin’s Creed 3, but one of the few trailers they did release for the game really struck it out of the park. There’s no dialogue or story teasers, just some gorgeous shots of gameplay that suck you into the world without actually being there. There’s a reason Ubisoft is featured a ton here, and that’s because when they want to sell a game, they’ll make sure you see most of the best parts. I’ll post Part 2 soon, but I thought this would be a fun thing to think about and I’m glad I was right.


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