The Best Videogame Trailers: Part 2


Watch Dogs-Story Trailer 

I just can’t stop appreciating how much Ubisoft games have great trailers. This one is also up here because unlike most people, I actually really enjoy Watch Dogs. One of the things this trailer does well is keep story details light despite being a story trailer. That sounds counter-intuitive, but with each fragment of the plot shown to the viewer, there’s a good ten seconds of some gritty action which makes people think “I want to play the story because if I do then I get to do everything I see here.” It’s a clever ploy and just a really fun trailer all around.

The Last of Us 

Being regarded as one of the greatest games of all time is a great way to sell a product, but the trailers leading up to it focused on showing the morally ambiguous Joel and his reluctant partnership with a girl he doesn’t want to trust in a world where trust always hurts. Showing off some of the gritty action to the hauntingly beautiful soundtrack in the back doesn’t hurt either.

Mafia III-E3 Trailer 

I was really tempted to put a trailer for Sleeping Dogs here considering its my favorite game, but between the two crime games, Mafia III had much better marketing, despite being the lesser game. This trailer especially is cinematic, visceral, and channels that Deep South vibe that hasn’t been replicated so well since True Detective. From a consumer’s perspective its disappointing that they showed off the best parts of the game, but it looks so great as a trailer its hard to be disappointed.

Assassin’s Creed 3-Official Launch Trailer (UK) 

I can’t explain why this is my favorite, but the quick scenes of Connor meeting with George Washington or running across the Frontier/boarding British ships are so well shot that it looks cool every time I watch this. Plus this trailer was one of the big reasons Radioactive became such a huge hit. This was far from the best Assassin’s Creed, but the game had one of the most successful marketing runs in the industry and this trailer cements that. Okay so maybe I can explain why its my favorite but all the more reason to appreciate this gem.


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