My Top 5 E3 Requests 2017

This weekend marks the return of gaming’s most celebrated conference, and it seems only fair that I offer my hopes and speculations for what I’d like to see on the screen or the show floor for this year in no specific order. Keep in mind, this is what I would want to see, so I’m going to include a short paragraph about whether or not I actually think the things I’d love to see are actually going to make an appearance.

5. Any Other Star Wars Game Besides Battlefront 2 

I understand and sympathize with people who are looking forward to a new Star Wars game that balances narrative and a fun multiplayer, but the first person shooter isn’t the most interesting Star Wars game EA is developing right now. Last year, the publisher confirmed there are multiple Star Wars games in development, one of which is a third person action-adventure title currently in development by Visceral. Battlefront 2 will likely look great, but it wouldn’t surprise me if, considering its the flagship Star Wars videogame, it chooses to follow in its predecessors footsteps and go for mass market appeal. A more focused game developed under Visceral with a core focus on single-player might be exactly what’s needed to appeal to any fans who want more than another FPS. While nothing is likely to replace the unfortunately cancelled Star Wars 1313:

I can’t wait to see something that can at least rub shoulders with sucha  great idea.

Will It Make An Appearance? 

It’s possible. EA doesn’t have to focus on a new Battlefield and once all the sports games are out of the way, I’d imagine there would be room to show off some actual gameplay, considering the game’s release is only a year away. If EA decides to downplay their awful gimmicks like filing their conference in two places at once, they’d certainly have time to talk about it.

4. Assassin’s Creed : Origins 

It could be Origins, Osiris or one of the other codenames its been given throughout its rumored existence, but its all but confirmed at this point that Assassin’s Creed will be going to Ancient Egypt. There’s a possibility that this could be a reboot for the franchise, or a direct continuation of last year’s entry Syndicate, but there’s plenty of people eager to see how well this game does after their franchise’s yearlong hiatus.

Will It Make An Appearance? 

It would be an honest-to-God shock if it didn’t. The amount of “leaks” in the past couple days only corroborate the theory that Ubisoft intends to put a big focus on this latest entry that could very well make or break the franchise, and its clear that this is designed to be an Assassin’s Creed with the goal of garnering more fans for the franchise, hence the name Origins. There wouldn’t be a better way to get the word out than at E3, so if the game doesn’t show up, blame Ubisoft’s marketing team.

3. Far Cry 5 

Ubisoft already confirmed this will make an appearance at E3, so I don’t need to worry about if it will. Taking a series that’s been everywhere from Africa to the Himalayas to the actual Stone Age and throwing it in Cook County, Montana is certainly unexpected, but looks to be a welcome surprise that involves fighting off an ultra-religious death cult with the help of unconventional allies. I’m curious to see if it will deviate from the now-standard Far Cry formula of, “Kill everything in this specific area, then go do the same somewhere else, congratulations you win,” or if it intends on reinventing the wheel the way 3 did. Also, there’s very little information that’s been given so far as to the protagonist, and I hope they intend on addressing that a little bit.

2. God of War 

Speaking of unexpected decisions, Sony dropped a big surprise last year when they announced a new God of War that’s changed the mythology from Greek to Norse (it looks as though the entire franchise has been rebooted, but time will tell on that one). It was an excellent demo, and it looks as though the game will follow in the footsteps of other big budget PS4 cinematic titles e.g. Uncharted and The Last of Us. But ever since that demo, there’s been complete radio silence on the studio’s part, save for one statement a couple months ago that claimed the game is apparently “playable” from start to finish.

Will It Make An Appearance? 

I mean I’d say it’s a possibility, considering there’s now a giant billboard in LA showing off the game. What I’m more curious about is if they’ll have any info on a release date. If that claim about it being “playable” from way back then was true, it would be an excellent surprise if they announced that the game would be available by the end of the year, especially since it doesn’t sound as far-fetched if the game’s story is finished.

1. Insomniac’s New Spider-Man Game 

In a lot of ways, this latest project and God of War aren’t that different from a marketing perspective. Both look as if they’ll be separate entities from any previous entries in their respective franchises, we’ve seen very little of both, and yet despite that, both look as if they’ll be incredible reboots to their respective franchises. Insomniac’s spin on a     Spider-Man Game looks as though it intends to recapture the fluidity and fun of navigating New York City so I’d be happy to see more of this at Sony’s conference.

Will It Make An Appearance? 

Possibly, but there’s no way to tell. Usually there’s a leak or a billboard or a tease to alert anyone interested, but there’s been radio silence from Insomniac and Sony, which means we might have to wait awhile longer to see any more clues that this sis till in development. But my fingers are crossed that Sony’s just keeping a tight ship and plans to surprise all of us Monday night.


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