Sony Press Conference E3 2017: Review

Sony won again.

I could go into detail as to why, but Sony did what they’ve done every year: shut up and let their games do the talking. So I’ll do the same:

Guys I mean it, they took the conference by storm.

Surprise Horizon: Zero Dawn DLC? I don’t even like the game and I think this looks super interesting.

I mean, obviously we all wanted to see Last of Us Part II, but tell me this doesn’t look like the coolest temporary replacement??

Oh yeah remember that small game Call of Duty: WWII? I wondered where it went since I never saw it any of the other conferences but SURPRISE:

Oh but these last three just look better and better. If you thought those were great, oh man:

Oh yeah, God of War made another appearance and it still looks as cool as it did last year. But the ultimate choose-your-own-adventure game studio Quantic Dream debuted their latest character for Detroit: Become Human and the amount of choices are staggering:

But this last one. Ohhh man. Oh this last game. I don’t even like Marvel but if there was ever a game to replace the recently-concluded Arkham games…wow. This does not look like it will disappoint:

Normally, I’d write a couple paragraphs on why this conference reigned supreme again, but here’s the two simplest reasons: NONE of these games were featured at any other press conference, and all of these were shown back to back with little or no interruption. Playstation reassured fans that every game shown off from a remaster of the               well-beloved Shadow of the Colossus to the underground indie titles all had plenty of screen time, and everyone who’s now watched this conference now sees all these games under the Playstation branch, even the non-exclusive titles. It was another marketing masterpiece and I’m so impressed by every game shown off tonight. Sony won again guys. Sony won again.



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